John Keating

I was sitting on the train today as we crossed the Manhattan Bridge, colors and graffiti flashing by in the usual New York City blur. I looked through the window as everything passed by, and I saw a girl sitting alone on the floor of the bridge, knees drawn up to her chest, her head in her hands. Everything seemed to go slow motion for a second. She was gone in an instant, almost faster than thought, but I’ll never forget how alone she looked as the world went on without her. She was sitting there with her head in her hands as the train thundered past, and I was on the other side, watching through the window. She was having her moment, completely unaware that I was, in some way, sharing it with her. She’ll never know some guy saw her at sixty miles an hour and spent the rest of the day wondering what she was so sad about. She’ll certainly never know he wrote about her. I wonder if she knows that two people can share two sides of the same moment and never even know it.
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Times Square in the rain.


Coconut Iced Coffee w/Mini Chocolate Glazed Coffee Doughnuts | Half Baked Harvest

A few notes on Vans



Good for: daytime drinking, carrying around a copy of Anthony Kiedis’ Scar Tissue, grocery shopping in foreign countries, having a dedicated soundcloud playlist for different occasions, barbecues, being in candid black and white photos at the beach, wearing with ripped jeans…


Bike illusion!


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If you kiss my neck and collarbones and whisper “I want you” in my ear, I swear I wouldn’t resist and rip your fucking clothes off.
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